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Outsource and Build your Team

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the first and most important hires that you will make as an entrepreneur. Until you have a trusted team member that you can delegate specific tasks to, you will continue to lose precious time and waste energy on activities that don’t contribute the growth of your business.

The key difference between successful, growing business and a stagnant one is a TEAM. The members of your team are essential to the continued growth of your business. A business owner does not do everything themselves – they outsource to a capable team.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?


Hiring a virtual assistant is an affordable alternative to hiring regular employees. Most VA’s operate as independent contractors and depending on their location, their hourly rate may be lower than a local employee. Since VA’s are virtual, you won’t have to worry about renting a physical office space further reducing expenses.

Unlimited Talent Pool

Most people do not have access to a local talent pool of extremely qualified candidates. Outsourcing allows you to find qualified candidates from across the globe increasing your number of potential candidates significantly.

Burnout Prevention

Burnout is common amongst entrepreneurs who spread themselves too thin. Delegating responsibilities to others is key in preventing burnout. Many entrepreneurs feel that they need to do everything themselves which leads to long workdays, lack of focus, feeling overwhelmed, and having limited time for other activities such as exercise, sleep, family time, etc. Stop overextending and invest in a virtual assistant.

More Time to Focus on High-Value Activities

You cannot always be a master of everything, nor should you be. For each task that you dislike or are awful at doing, there is someone who enjoys or specializes in those tasks. This allows you to focus on those tasks you excel at and that add monetary value to your business.